Patty Nagel

Arena Manager, Director &

Coed Recreational Soccer Player

Meet Patty

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Arena City Soccer is the Fastest Soccer in Charleston and the only Place around that plays Off The Walls!!! We offer Adult Coed & Men's Soccer Leagues.   


Arena ​City Soccer

We Play Off the Walls!

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Hello to all my Arena Friends, Family and Players, The Arena has been given its final notice and the Facility will be closing because whole foods is going to build a new store where we have played for YEARS. We are not getting any Money for this DEAL and are getting Kicked To the Curb.


Games for the week of January 16th to January 20th

Monday, January 16th

Tuesday, January 17th, Coed Recreational

@ 6:30 - Patty Wagon VS Avondale Shuffle

@ 7:30 - Seis Hermanos  VS  Wave

@ 8:30 - Da Ruckus  VS  Dynomo Gonzo

Wednesday, January 18th, Coed 1st & 2nd Division 

@ 6:30 - Bangu  VS  Smooth Obturators

@ 7:30 - Sexy Soccer  VS  Taco Boy

@ 8:30 - Goonie Ballers  VS  Butt Ler

Thursday, January 19th, Men's Division

@ 6:30 - Voo Doo  VS  Hooligans

@ 7:30 - Oscar's Hermanos  VS  The Force

@ 8:30 - Dancing Bears  vs  Ignacio's Guys

Coed Tournament starts at 10:00 am. Arrive by 9:30 if you play in the first game, to pay the registration fee. We have enough players for 5 teams so bring a chair so you can hang out between games. We don't have a lot of keepers so we will need to have people fill in.

Team rosters are as followed...

Yellow - Amy S, Jess, Alaina, Ned, David P, Brayan, Curtis, Xavier, Brandon C

Orange - Andres, Nick, Mauri H, Melanie P, Andrew, Antonio, Ricardo, Jonathan

Green - Patty, Vincent, Melissa, Mike B, Joe G, Rachel, Brian J, Peter

Red - Cam, Evan, Jennifer, Dino, Christian S, Josh B, Jared T, Hann, Shirley

Blue - Will, Ashley, Michael Bru, Brian D, Alice, CJ, Tito, Chris E

Game 1 @ 10:00  Blue  VS  Yellow

Game 2 Red  VS  Orange

Game 3 Green  VS  Blue